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hcg-complex-dropsHCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women and virtually controls all metabolic functions through the hypothalamus gland during pregnancy.
hCG is used in the HCG diet is a variation of hCG are normally used for fertility treatment, and in smaller doses. All the hCG that is used for medical purposes is synthetic, made in laboratory of sterile cells. And NOT taken from the urine of pregnant women or animal urine, as has been rumored.

How many lose the weight that I got with the hCG diet this way?
Most people who do this can go down half way up to 1 kg. But that's not all. A pooling conducted in hCG Diet Info Blog showed that 46% of people on average can go down 1/2 kg a day.

What preparation is needed for the current injectable hCG diet?
Before treatment, the doctor or practitioner will ask for a blood test and assess general health. For individual injections, generally there is no preparation needed. If doctors have to inject your specific sterilization process is required and some specific steps can be taken to reduce discomfort at injection time / injected. But, this is not the case when you use HCG Complex drops, as you consume it with drops method. It means, you do not need to use injection with drops.

Is It Healthy to Weight Down 1 Kg 1/2 Kg Up A Day With HCG?
By following the recipe from Simeon (the inventor of this diet), which burned more fat tissue than muscle loss (when dieting naturally). So, the weight loss comes from burning bad fats. For this reason, the dieter (people who do a diet) reported that they experience and feel the maximum health due to a loss of bad body fats.

500 calorie diet is a diet by 500 calories a day that must be highly supervised
2 small apples do not equal one medium apple. So only consume apple in 1 day on a medium size
Protein obtained from 3 white eggs - yolk is discarded
100 grams of cheese can be used as a meat substitute

Why the 500 calorie diet is referred to as Very Low Calorie Diet?
The real HCG drops diet will make your hypothalamus maximizes fat out of the body. If you eat only 500 calories and hypothalamus keeps working to remove fat from your body, then your weight will be reduced quickly. Why? Because on the other hand, you restrict the calorie in foods - 500 calories and hypothalamus are also working to drain the fat from your body. That's why this diet might go down the weight around 1/2 to 1 kg each day.